Sunday, October 29, 2006

North Korea with more nukes?! No way.

Ya way, according to a report today in the World section of Google News.

Article Title: Top U.S. general in South Korea: More nuke tests by North expected

Ok so some top U.S. general in South Korea says to expect more nuke tests from the North. Wow. What a great story. This definitely caught us by surprise. (Sarcasm.)

And get this! The General told a news confrerence in Seoul today that since they already tested one, more are likely. Once again, wow. Thanks Channel Obvious. Oh, it also says he didn't cite any intelligence that another test is forthcoming. Well, I know what intelligence "agency" gave him this. It's called common sense.

Can the news get anymore lame??? We all know North Korea thinks its almighty and powerful even though it is extremely bankrupt and relies on China for almost everything.

Well they say you learn something everyday. In this case it isn't to expect another nuke test from North Korea. It's that the news needs something better to report on.



How the world should be in my view.
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